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Bid adieu to all your party catering woes and indulge in a wonderful experience like never before.  The Being Chef party catering brings to you the perfect blend of innovative menu and a fair pricing model. We cater to your requirements ranging from a small house party of 10 people to a big catering of thousands of people

You can customize your menu and mention your requirements below and we will then send you a quote for the selection you made. We work on a fair pricing model, which ensure that you pay according to the dishes you select and enjoy the best quality catering services at affordable prices.


How it Works

  • Check our gamut of recipes on our website

  • Select the dishes from the options available

  • Select the services required and complete the form by filling the details of the party

  • We will mail you the quote for the party as per the fair pricing model

  • Confirm the party over the mail and enjoy the best of our services for your party


Being Chef Catering?

Gone are the days when you had to spend days for negotiating with many caterers for a party that you are hosting. Add to that the troubles of various packs prepared by them which seems to be confusing and misleading. And if you are working person, chances are that you hardly harbor time for such cumbersome tasks. And the pricing is actually eating into your pocket. So, we at Being Chef bring a welcome respite for all you troubled souls who thought catering to be a nightmare.

The Being Chef Catering is just the ultimate solution as :

  • You can make your own menu on our website instead of calling and discussing.
  • You have more than 365 options to select your menu from.
  • The pricing is purely on the dishes you select instead of conventional pre- prepared packs.
  • It is affordable to your pockets.
  • The ingredients used in dishes are hand picked and fresh with a minimum shelf life and, free from preservatives.
Be it a house party, birthday party, kitty party or even a big corporate event, now catering will be like never before. The Being Chef Catering is a welcome respite for:


Being Chef Catering gives you option for live barbeque and Pasta counter, apt for your friday night booze party.


Now you can surprise your kitty group with a wide variety of innovative dishes in fair price because of Being Chef Catering.

Newly Weds

You can now call your colleagues for a gourmet house party as Being Chef Catering gives you exotic options from across the world.

Working Professionals

Now team lunches, dinners and other office events will be fun with Being Chef Catering as you will get dishes with special recipes of finalist of Master Chef.

……………………………… and simply for any individual who loves food as we do and who understand that health is the best investment. The choice is personal, we provide the options.


Being Chef Catering is the new concept in catering world. We cater to all the parties ranging from 10 people to thousands of people. We work on fair pricing model and allow you to make your menu online on our website and share the quote as per your menu. Also, the options are ranging from Starters to Dessert and include more than 365 options, which are made from hand picked ingredients.
You are saved from tedious process of selecting the pre - decided packs. You have the options like live Pasta Counter, Barbecue counter in fair pricing at your house party. You have the food prepared by best chefs in town and guided by finalist of Master Chef.
No, All the products in Being Chef are preservative free.
We can do the catering at even the short notice of few hours. But we recommend to book catering as soon as you finalize the party , as we do catering approximately every alternative day and we don’t want to loose you because of the scenario that we are already booked.
We cater to all kind of parties like : Kitty Party, House Party, Birthday Party, House Warming or any special events, Corporate Lunch and Dinners, Corporate Parties, and big events like weeding and fairs etc.
We have served more than 17,000 people on a single day for a company’s Diwali Lunch at 5 different locations in Gurgaon. The top management of company appreciated our work and the event was a big time hit.

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