Freshly Cooked Platter

Good-bye to all your food ordering problems and indulge in a wonderful meal experience like never before. The Being Chef Freshly Cooked Platter brings to you the power to order food from various sections like: Indian, Asian, Non Asian, Salads, Diet Plans, Detox, Jain, Ayurveda, Regional, MasterChef Recipes, Chaat & Beverages etc. There are hundreds of options to order from in Being Chef which ensure that you never get bored and have something exciting to order each and every day of an year. You can customize your food too and thus have the food of your own choice.


How it Works

  • Check our gamut of recipes on our website

  • Order from our Freshly Cooked Platter section via website / call

  • We prepare the food from hand picked fresh ingredients as per your customization and pack it in microwavable containers and put everything in our Magic Box

  • Magic Box quickly delivered at your doorstep

  • Open the box, and enjoy the delicious food of your choice


Freshly Cooked Platter?

Gone are the days when you had to eat that conventional non-healthy food. Add to that you never had an option to customize your food. And eating out is actually eating into your pocket. So, we at Being Chef bring a welcome respite for all you troubled souls who thought ordering food to be a nightmare.

The Being Chef Freshly Cooked Platter is just the ultimate solution as:

  • You can customize the spice level in food and can ensure that you eat the food as per your choice.
  • The food is being prepared with best of hygiene and recipe.
  • You have healthy and exotic both options to select from.
  • It is affordable to your pockets.
  • The ingredients are handpicked and fresh with a minimum shelf life and, free from preservatives.
The Being Chef Freshly Cooked Platter is a welcome respite for:


If you stay alone then the Freshly Cooked Platter is the best option to order healthy homely food which you miss staying away from home.


Now you can order healthy food for your family and save their health from the junk and oily food.


Homely taste, healthy and hygiene that too in affordable prices, all you get in Freshly Cooked Platter.

Working Professionals

Your Daily health related worries are now being taken care by Freshly Cooked Platter.

……………………………… and simply for any individual who loves food as we do and who understand that health is the best investment. The choice is personal, we provide the options.


Being Chef Freshly Cooked Platter provides you more than 300 options to order from. You can order from sections like : Indian, Asian, Non Asian, Salads, Diet Plans, Detox, Jain, Ayurveda, Regional, MasterChef Recipes etc.
It helps you in having food from various healthy options. Its light on pocket and is customisable.
In this section you can customize the filling of your parantha. You can club the fillings and have the parantha of your choice.
No. All the products in Being Chef are preservative free.
Yes, you can pre-order from Freshly Cooked Platter.
Yes. You can order for week. We have weekly plans for various healthy dishes in Freshly Cooked Platter.

Some of our Famous Recipes

Enjoy the delightful collection of low calorie food. Each option here has been carefully designed, tasted and approved by Being Chef, chefs and nutritionists to ensure that you get the best of both health and taste.