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Recipe Kit


Bid adieu to all your cooking woes and indulge in a wonderful cooking experience like never before.  The Being Chef Recipe Kit brings to you the perfect blend of flavoured ingredients from oil to garnishing in pre-measured quantities so that you can cook up a storm any day any time.

You can follow the step by step recipe given in the Recipe Card and rustle up a scrumptious dish within 5 minutes. You can order recipe kits for a variety of Indian, Chinese, Italian and other exotic dishes.


How it Works

  • Check our gamut of recipes on our website?

  • Order our recipe kit online / via call

  • We put fresh hand picked ingredients in measured quantity ( in chopped / processed state ) with our innovative 8 Step recipe card in our Magic Box

  • Magic Box quickly delivered at your doorstep

  • Open the box, follow recipe, cook and enjoy


Recipe Kit?

Gone are the days when you had to spend hours with a paper and pencil making up a list of all the required ingredients needed for cooking up a simple meal. Add to that the troubles of grocery shopping running from one shop to another churning out extra time and effort out of your already busy schedule. And if you are working person, chances are that you hardly harbor time for such cumbersome tasks. And eating out is actually eating into your pocket. So, we at Being Chef bring a welcome respite for all you troubled souls who thought cooking to be a nightmare.

The Being Chef Recipe Kit is just the ultimate solution as :

  • Anybody can now cook a variety of Indian and exotic dishes with perfection and ease.
  • As the ingredients in the Recipe Kit come to you in measured quantities, it helps to avoid wastage of food in any form.
  • It helps those who are newbies in the kitchen and those who want to master the art of cooking.
  • It is affordable to your pockets.
  • The ingredients are handpicked and fresh with a minimum shelf life and, free from preservatives.
Be it cooking for your friends at a get-together or surprising your mom with a lovely dish or simply rustling up a romantic meal for your spouse, now cooking will be like never before. The Being Chef Recipe Kit is a welcome respite for:


If you stay alone or with friends, then the Recipe Kit makes cooking no longer a cumbersome task for you.


Now you can surprise your spouse and family with a wide variety of dishes prepared with the Recipe Kit in just 5 mins.

Newly Weds

If you want to surprise your spouse by cooking something exotic or if you want to win the heart of your husband after marriage, recipe kit is the right solution for you


homely taste, health and hygiene that too in five minutes all you get in a recipe kit.

Working Professionals

Even if you come home late after work, the Recipe Kit does all the magic for you to make up a delicious meal in a few minutes.

……………………………… and simply for any individual who loves food as we do and who understand that health is the best investment. The choice is personal, we provide the options.


Being Chef Recipe Kit contains all the required ingredients that you need for preparing your dish. Be it freshly cut vegetables, infused oils, pastes, spices, garnishing ingredients, everything. The ingredients are neatly packed in boxes and labeled accordingly. You also get a Recipe Card that gives you the step by step recipe to prepare that dish.
You are saved from tedious grocery shopping and of course the menacing chores of chopping and cutting too. And don’t forget the neatly packed ingredient boxes are arranged and labeled in the order in which they go into your dish, thus making your job all the more easy. Simply open, mix and cook.
Some people store the box over night ( for some dishes ) but we strongly recommend you to use the box within 4 hours.
No, All the products in Being Chef are preservative free.
Yes, you can pre-order recipe kit.
We provide you end to end every ingredient. All you need is a fry pan and a ladle along with gas stove or induction.
For something like Parantha, we know that it tastes good only when it is served hot. So we send them half cooked with ghee so that you can make them in a minute end enjoy them sizzling hot at your home.

Some of our Famous Recipes

Enjoy the delightful collection of low calorie chef recipes. Each recipe here is easy to cook and has been carefully designed, tasted and approved by Being Chef, chefs and nutritionists to ensure that you get the best of both health and taste.