You want food ? We have it

But we give you the option of

being a chef for yourself

Just tell us what you want to eat and we’ll give you everything (literally), so you can cook it yourself within 5 minutes in 8 easy steps! Be it all the ingredients, the rare exotic spices required to cook that specific dish, with gloves and hair net caps (we care so much for your hygiene), it will be at your doorstep.

And if you’re too lazy or tired to do it, it’s completely all right! We’ll deliver the freshly cooked-mouth-watering-lip-smacking dish from our vast menu in your hands. We have 365 options from various genres like Ayurveda, Detox, Salads, Non Asian, Master Chef, Regional etc which empowers you to order a new dish every day throughout the year.

We completely understand your need and the team will do anything in order to fulfill them. Our plan is to create a new platform for completely accessible food in the industry. With a committed team and a great working system, the company is evolving day-by-day.

When our troop of magicians was on their visit to earth they were quite sad to see millions of people craving not for money but for freshly home cooked food. They were able to arrive at this conclusion with the help of various search engines, where they were quite shocked to find the most popular search results as:

  • Some of them would search

    What to cook??

  • some of them would google

    Where to find the recipes??

  • some of them would struggle

    Where to find the ingredients from??

  • some of them would not know

    How to chop the vegetables neatly??

  • some of them would not understand

    How to maintain the consistency??

Keep aside everything; most of the people still do not know how to make a simple 2 minutes Maggi that they have been cooking since ages. The magicians were crestfallen seeing the dilapidated state of affairs. Placing themselves in their shoes they thought of putting an end to that growling noise.

In the same land lived a boy who used to love food like boys of his age should be loving girls. The only woman in his life who could afford and possessed those powers to cook what he loved was his Mother, a true magician from the Magical Land. Days flew like the wind and the boy as expected got a job. Everybody was happy except him because he knew that parting from his family meant parting from that magical food too. Time, which was once virtuous, had now turned wicked. The boy kept craving for that magical food, but satiated him with whatever was available. Food cooked in restaurants was either too expensive or wasted much of his time and foreign help were not able to make a way through his stomach.

He thought he had suffered enough and will not let others go through the same. He finally came up with a thought, to have his own magic box. He is an Engineer himself so he thought of solving the problem methodically, one after the other through his magic box consisting of preservative free ingredients from all over the world which are:

  • As fresh as directly plucked from the farms.

  • Chopped/Processed and can be directly used for cooking.

  • Measured in exact quantity.

  • labeled simply, easing out the process of cooking.

  • Customized as per your taste.


Problem solved !! Now, he sits back in his own den with a faint smile on his face for receiving those countless blessings from the superwoman worldwide and filling those empty tummies. And that den is now known as - 'Being Chef', the magical land. Keep calm, let us use our magical spell Abracadabra boom - *Being Chef* will be there at your service.

Our Founder

Shubham Maheshwari
  • Prior to Being Chef Shubham has worked with ZS Associates, where he advised leading Pharma companies across USA majorly on Incentive Compensations for their Sales Reps. He holds a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Jaipur.

    When not empowering people to cook, Shubham loves to travel (backpacking) and meet new people. He loves to spend his majority of free time for society and helps bridging the gap b/w problems and solutions through his self help group ( People for People ).



Our Advisors

  • Mr. Rajeev Maheshwari

    IIT Khragapur, 1990(Mining)

    MD, Bengal Energy Ltd.

    Kolkata, India

  • Mr. B K Maheshwari

    CA & CS, 1986

    Working with CAG of India

    Jaipur, India

  • Mr. Rajiv Pratap

    IIT Kanpur, 1993(CS)

    Co-Founder, Abzooba Inc

    California, USA

    Alumnus, IBM Watson Research Centre

  • Mr. Mrigank Pratyush

    IIM Kolkata, 2012

    Steel Mont GMBH,

    Duesseldorf, Germany

  • Mr. Avinash Taparia

    M.Tech, CFTRI Mysore, 1993(Food Technology)

    Category Technical Expert ( Nutrition ), Nestle India

    Gurgaon, India

  • }}" />

    Mr. Sanjay Kothari

    CA, CS, ICWA

    Director, Anantroop Financial Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd

    Mumbai, India